Radial rtistry

Generative art using ggplot2

Converting Peloton resistance to Bowflex C6 resistance

Not all magnetic resistance systems are created the same

Maps with {edgebundle}

Replicating a snappy map

Finding the perfect sock pattern with {ravelRy}

Using Ravelry's API to find just the right sock pattern

Housing Density in US Cities

Since I got back from #rstudioconf, I’ve started to warm up to the idea of sharing my code, even if it isn’t perfect. There may be typos, the blog post may be short, but sharing my work is beneficial for the greater #rstats community, and supports open-source data science.

Fisk's 'Mississippi River Meander' in R

Background Those of us even mildly obsessed with maps will be familiar with Harold Fisk’s 1944 series documenting the historic travel of the Mississippi River in Mississippi River Alluvial Valley.